Circular Symbol of Comite En Union para salvadorenos Centro Comunitario CEUS
Hispanic immigrant at a rally in Washington D.C.About CEUS

Centro Comunitario CEUS is run by Comitė En Unión para Salvadoreňos (CEUS), a non-profit organization founded by immigrants on a philosophy of self-reliance. Volunteers are a key part of CEUS, and the group is funded mainly with donations and program fees.

CEUS has four part-time employees: a staff attorney, two community organizers and an executive director. More than a dozen community members also help run the programs, which assist more than 1,000 people each year. The group is steered by a nine-member Board of Directors elected annually by participants in the CEUS membership program.

CEUS works closely with a range of like-minded groups around the country to strengthen community leadership and advocacy skills, and develop programs. They include the Salvadoran Committee Of New Jersey, Helping Immigrants, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) and the Salvadoran-American National Network (SANN), a nationwide group of Central American immigrants.