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A woman and her baby cross the bridge funded by CEUSAid

Throughout its history, CEUS has helped poor Central American communities in times of crisis and promoted economic development in the region.

In 1995, CEUS funded the construction of a cable bridge across the Rio Torola in El Rodeo, a small farming village in El Salvador (see photos). The community at the time had no way to cross the river, and community members were in constant danger of drowning as they tried to swim across the river in the rainy, winter season. The bridge initially cost $4,000 and CEUS has funded its maintenance, several times. It's still in use.

CEUS also helped fund a micro-loan bank in El Rodeo that gives farmers short-term loans to buy seed and fertilizer. And the group has raised funds to help rebuild after three natural disasters in El Salvador.

In 1997, CEUS raised $7,000 and sent two containers of food and material aid to the victims of Hurricane Mitch. Four years later,  the group raised more than $90,000 for the victims of two earthquakes in El Salvador. The money was used to build 90 houses in four communities (see photos here). CEUS also raised money to help the victims of Hurricane Stanley in 2005 and Hurricane Ida in 2010. See our campaign pages for Hurricane Ida here.