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Photo of a woman at an immigration rallyCEUS PROGRAMS

CEUS programs include classes for English as A Second Language and Spanish literacy,  leadership training workshops, a women’s group and, since 2003, a legal services program that provides moderately priced immigration-related legal services to the community.

Immigration has been a cornerstone of CEUS' work for more than a decade. The group invested extensive time and energy in the nationwide campaign to - successfully - push for legal status for thousands of Central American refugees who fled to the United States in their country’s civil war.

After Hurricane Mitch struck Central American in 1998, and El Salvador suffered two earthquakes in 2001, CEUS helped hundreds of people apply for work permits under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program. U.S. authorities opened the program to Central Americans as a way to help the stricken countries recover, with the help of remittances sent home by immigrants. The TPS program has continued, and CEUS continues to assist TPS clients to reapply each year the program is extended.



Blanca Molina

Executive Director

Email: bmolinaceusnj@optonline.net

Photo of Blanca Molina, CEUS executive director

Cecilia Rodriguez

Staff Attorney/Manager Legal Services Program


Phot of Cecilia Rodriguezl, CEUS Cecilia

Ana Salgado



Photo of Ana Salgado, CEUS secretary

Leyda Flores

Community Organizer


Photo of Leyda Flores, Community organizer